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APRIL 17, 2021
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   Since the founding in 2004, Tekton has evolved from

a simple service provider to Fremont group of companies

renowned as Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Mang-Inasal,

Red Ribbon, Burger King fast food chain operating in Central

Philippines particularly the  Visayas and Mindanao area

to a diversified multipurpose cooperative. Operating

nation-wide with the CFC Network Far reaching than

any other cooperative in our Midst.

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Founded in 2004

   The non-food or the commercial and industrial sectors of the economy as the second set of clients. Apart from the Savings and Credit, Tekton also handles investment portfolios, i.e., bridge financing to businesses, real estate, home loans, car loans, educational loans were made available to members of TEMPC.Business units came to light with the like of Travel and Tours, e-Commerce, Renewable Energy, Micro-gasoline stations and housing developments. Today, Tekton EMPC is blazing the trail, leading the way in creating opportunities, providing work and livelihood to members and their extended families, the investors, making the difference in our social responsiveness through empowerment of youth and the community in general.

  • EdwinChavez: TEMPC
    • Fmr Chairperson

    • Biz Dev't, Chairman

    • COO: Renewables & Energy Services

    • CEO: BSMS

    • Pres: TEYDF 

  • RowenaOng: BOD

    • Coop Advocacy

    • COO: Tekton Travels

  • Roberta(Mely) Verano

    • Vice-Chair TEMPC​

    • COO: HR & Labor Services

  • Rosie​Grefalda

    • CEO: PCF, Philippines Coop Central Fund​


The Team

  • Frank Noob

    • Chairperson

    • Elder, CFC

    • Head, E. Visayas Area

    • Medical Dental Practitioner

  • Antonio Felipe

    • Banker

    • Head, Finance Committee

  • Maria Coco Dela Fuente​

    • e-Commerce

    • Real Estate Dev't/Broker

  • Ruben Capio

    • Banker

    • Head, Policy Dev't

(L-R) EdwinChavez * RowinaOng * RobertaMelyVerano * RosieGrefalda(Induction Ofcr) * FrankBoob * TonyFelipe * MariaCocoDelaFuente * RubenUbenCapio

About Us
The Team
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Dynamic as it gets

Tekton EMPC sits not only in the heart of the City of Cebu but also at the temple of its mission and its vision, that is youth empowerment as the key to our evangelical success. Exciting place to be.


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EdwinC - Business Dev't

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(Connecting All Depts.)

Tel. 63-32 254-6517

Tel. 63-412-1568/86

Fax. 63-412-1568/86 Loc.116

28Bathan Bldg, Cor. Jereza & Burgos Sts, Brgy San Roque, Cebu City, Philippines 6000



Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00

Saturday 09:00 - 12:00

Sunday No Office





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